AINSAFRASHOP store strives  to provide its customers with excellent assistance and fair returns services. We promise practical activation of purchased software or subscriptions or your money back! To ensure our customers are satisfied with the product(s) they order, we offer a 5-day exchange period.

Please note that digital products or subscriptions can only be refunded if they are invalid or we cannot exchange your product for an active subscription and you can claim via email support@AINSAFRASHOP or  customer service  within 5 days of purchase. More information about when we accept refunds can be found below.

✅ We promise that if you contact us for assistance within the first 15 days of purchase and we are unable to fix your subscription issue, we will offer you a full refund immediately.

✅ All products sold on AINSAFRASHOP include a 1-year support warranty.

We accept refunds when

⭐ The subscription is invalid or fails to activate (invalid subscriptions will be replaced). If we are unable to solve the problem, we will provide you with an immediate refund.

✔️ Please keep in mind that most subscriptions sold by AINSAFRASHOP are valid for one device and cannot be transferred. (Unless otherwise stated in the product description).

We do not offer refunds when

❌ The customer changed their mind or placed an order in error (due to the nature of digital subscriptions, we do not allow refunds for this reason).

⭕The software is not compatible with the client’s devices (software compatibility is entirely the client’s responsibility).

👈 Example 1: The customer purchased a Windows software activation key but has a Mac.

👈 Example 2: Purchasing a product suitable for the Windows 10 operating system only, but the customer has a Windows 8 operating system.

By placing an order on our website, you automatically agree to our refund policy. We reserve the right to change or modify any of the terms at any time.


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